DATS Utilization Self Assessment

You may be pretty happy with DATS, but you could be over the moon happy! Check out this 3 step self evaluation.

Step #1: Modules Being Utilized

All of these modules are included in your DATS subscription. Are you taking advantage of everything you need?

Manage personnel across multiple business units and give Supervisory Staff & Managers the targeted tools that they need to look after the people they are responsible for.

Define company standards for training, deliver training, keep track of everything, and run all kinds of important reports.

Assign important company documents to their owners so they can be reviewed, updated, and approved as time goes on.

Report any type of Hazard, Non-Conformance, Close Call, or Incident. Get the report routed to the right people for investigation, defining corrective actions, sign-off, and closure.

Track any type of action through to completion.

Track any kind of project, its participants, and its associated tasks in a collaborative working environment.

Manage the inspection requirements for all kinds of different assets. Monitor findings and track corrective actions through to completion.

Track meeting minutes, attendees, and the associated corrective actions. Allow for absentee online review (AKA Virtual Attendance).

Define assets, set accountable people, link assets to users, manage inspections, monitor tasks, and more.

Convert pretty much any form or process into a database driven reporting and management system.

Manage the planned routine formal observation of personnel conducting any number of different activities.

Conduct Pre-Work Hazard Assessments (AKA FLRA) for maintenance activities, non-routine tasks, and/or during "Upset Conditions". Keep all reports in a database for inquiries and statistics.

Communicate directly with your employees through your DATS portal. Share news and articles, foster discussions, and build a sense of community.

Step #2: Management Systems Integrated

Things get especially interesting when companies "Take off the Blinders" and look laterally into other Management Systems.

Health & Safety Management Systems are important, and everybody needs to have one. The majority of DATS Customers get started here.

Every DATS module is applicable.

DATS is built around the management of people, so it is not unusual to see HR components creeping into the system. Could there be more? Of course there could!


  • The HR Department has a real interest in training. Are their interests fully included? For example, are all HR Policies and Procedures in the DATS LMS?

Official Document Management

  • The HR Department has documents that have Owners. Owners need to ensure that their documents are up to date and signed-off. Are these documents in DATS?

Forms to Be Filled Out & Routed

  • The HR Department has some forms that people need to fill out, or be available to be filled out if needed. Are HR forms in the DATS Anything Forms module?

Tasks & Projects

  • The HR Department works on all kinds of Tasks – and Projects! These often include complex groups of various team members. Are they using DATS Tasks and Projects?

Meetings & Events

  • The HR Department has meetings, and/or meetings with employee groups. Track meeting minutes, associated tasks, attendance, and optionally allow for absentee review.

Every company has some level of Quality Management System. If you are looking to make yours more formalized, DATS is ideally suited. Here are a few quick ideas.

  • Training
  • Inspections
  • Observations
  • Meetings, Minutes, and Tasks
  • Investigating Outages
  • Tracking Loose Ends Through to Closure

Many companies have a need to formalize their Environmental Management Systems. The DATS framework can easily accommodate many of your needs.

Ensuring positive customer experiences every day is an important aspect of every successful business. We’ve seen some great examples of how DATS can be used to help prevent customer outages, and allow companies to continually improve.

Companies with small through large contractor workforces can put DATS to the task of managing a variety of different processes. We’ve been doing a lot of this lately, so give us a call if you are looking for some inspiration.

This is a catch all for all of the other stuff that you do. Here are some quick ideas sorted by module.

Learning Management System

  • How to Answer the Phone at Reception
  • How to Request Time Off
  • Using Our Benefits Program

Anything Forms Module

  • Expense Report & Reimbursement
  • Time Off Request
  • Request to Purchase Form
  • Process Improvement Form
  • Management of Change Process

Tasks Module

  • The Tasks Module is so flexible, you can use it for anything. Why send an email to ask somebody to do something when you could make a Task? Emails are not purpose-built to track things; DATS is.

Ideas abound! Contact us if you are interested in brainstorming through some of your possibilities.

Step #3: Work the Matrix

The information provided above is painting a picture. DATS has lots of modules, and your company has lots of management systems. If you are open to introspection, try downloading the PDF and completing one of the challenges below either now, or in a meeting with your peers.

Basic Challenge: See how many of these boxes you can tick off. If you use DATS even a bit in the cell, tick it off.

Advanced Challenge: Give yourself a utilization rating from 0 to 10 for each cell.

You know we like chatting with our customers, right? It’s really true. We love brainstorming out new ways for our customers to embrace DATS, and then helping them reach their goals.

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