Customer Support is Crucial to Our Success

Nobody will ever accuse DATS on being weak in the support department!

Live Help

Live Help is available on every page in DATS, and we've got somebody there to help you from 8 AM to 4 PM Mountain Time.

Live Help is great for everyday users looking for a little assistance to help keep them going. Administrators are also encouraged to use Live Help anytime they run into a challenge.

If an inquiry is a bit complex for simple chat, users are referred to our customer mentors to set-up a web meeting and chat.


Your DATS coaches are not just people who know how to use our software really well, they are also Management System Consultants, and in some cases highly experienced auditors as well.

Customer coaching and mentoring is always free. We typically meet online so we can chat and share our screens with one another. You just need to reach out to us and book a time.

If you don't have your coach's contact information handy, please use our Contact Us form and somebody will get back to you shortly.

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