Staying on Target

We feel it is important for us to share some of our innermost driving principles with our current, and prospective, customers.

  1. We will retain the patronage of our customers by providing them with a level of quality and value of both service and software that exceeds their expectations.
  2. We will build digital assets that will benefit as many customers as possible, and continue to include everything within existing subscription rates.
  3. We will grow our customer base slowly and cautiously with partners who share our enthusiasm for continual improvement and excellence in management system practices.
  4. We will treat our employees like the champions that they are by offering them solid compensation, and opportunities to pursue their professional and personal goals like nowhere else.
  5. We will continue to donate 1% of our gross subscription income to initiatives that have sizeable positive environmental and social impacts.

“If we focus on the Success of Others, our success will naturally follow. ”