We strive to obliterate our environmental footprint.

1% of our gross revenue is donated monthly to environmental projects.

Every business has an environmental footprint and we pride ourselves on doing what we can to stay DEEP in the green.

What is DATS Green?

The DATS Green program extends far beyond our offices and strives to offset the carbon footprint of every customer using DATS. Your laptop is using power and connecting to the Internet. Our servers are churning away accessing your data and helping you get things done. This all uses energy. DATS has an extended footprint – just like every company.

For us, it all comes down to planting trees in locations where it means a lot both environmentally, and socially.

DATS carves off 1% of our gross subscriptions for donation to DATS Green initiatives.

Give us a ring if you are interested in the details, or how your company could look at a similar pursuit.

Purchasing Policy

We choose what we buy with every consideration for the environment, are careful about our energy expenditures, and recycle everything possible that comes through our offices.