We’ve developed some special functionality and content for our aviation customers.

Why a Special Aviation Page?

We work with a disproportionately large number of aviation companies so we have added a few unique features, and we’ve pre-loaded DATS with some templates that you may find highly useful.

Looking for a Hazard Registry?

We have one of those too!

Pre-Loaded Templates

Each of the following are templates that can be activated and customized so they match your unique needs.

  • Aircraft Dispatch / Booking Template
  • Persons Assigned Onboard Duties Training Form
  • Operational Flight Plan / Flight Itinerary
  • Helicopter Passenger Briefing Checklist
  • Simple Safety Reporting Form
  • Aviation Specific Investigation Template (Robust)
  • Flight Training Record / Recommend for a PPC - Single Engined Rotorcraft
  • Flight Training Record / Recommend for a PPC - Multi - Engined Rotorcraft
  • Pre-Flight Risk Assessment Tool (PFRAT)
  • Emergency Procedures Training Form
  • Helicopter Surface Contamination Training Form
  • Helicopter Low Visibility Operations Ground Training Form
  • Journey Management Form
  • Flight Follower Training Form
  • Survival Equipment Training Form
  • Regaining Qualifications Training Form