We’ve developed some special functionality and content for our aviation customers.

Why a Special Aviation Page?

We work with a disproportionately large number of aviation companies so we have added a few unique features, and we’ve pre-loaded DATS with some templates that you may find highly useful.

Meet Our Aviation Specialist

We have our very own DATS Aviation Specialist and Coach on staff ready to work with you and your team. Neven Kaminski, a former pilot, SMS Manager, and Ops Manager, was already an accomplished DATS Power User before he joined DATS in January 2019.

Neven’s Core Activities Include:

  • Building form templates following TC requirements, and industry best practices. This pre-populates DATS with forms that can easily be adopted, then tweaked, by DATS customers.
  • Working with customers as a Coach so people can streamline their management systems and get the most out of DATS.

Pre-Loaded Templates

Each of the following are templates that can be activated and customized so they match your unique needs.

  • Aircraft Dispatch / Booking Template
  • Persons Assigned Onboard Duties Training Form
  • Operational Flight Plan / Flight Itinerary
  • Helicopter Passenger Briefing Checklist
  • Simple Safety Reporting Form
  • Aviation Specific Investigation Template (Robust)
  • Flight Training Record / Recommend for a PPC - Single Engined Rotorcraft
  • Flight Training Record / Recommend for a PPC - Multi - Engined Rotorcraft
  • Pre-Flight Risk Assessment Tool (PFRAT)
  • Emergency Procedures Training Form
  • Helicopter Surface Contamination Training Form
  • Helicopter Low Visibility Operations Ground Training Form
  • Journey Management Form
  • Flight Follower Training Form
  • Survival Equipment Training Form
  • Regaining Qualifications Training Form

We are adding one to two new templates each month, and we have some really useful ones coming up soon.

Aviation Webinars Every 6 Weeks

We host live webinars for our aviation customers about every 6 weeks. During these meetings we showcase newly released features that may be of interest, and Neven takes us through his most recently added templates.

  • Prospective customers are welcome. Please contact us if you would like to be on our mailing list.