We have a simple formula. Build fundamentally useful web-based software that spans multiple management systems, offer it to our customers on a risk-free subscription basis, provide legendary support, and hope nobody ever leaves. So far, it's working out great.

If we focus on the success of others, our success will naturally follow.

We're accessible, and on the devices of your choosing!

No single company takes full advantage of DATS.

Here are some thought provoking ideas for our next chat.

  • Task Management
  • Inspection Management
  • Hazard Reporting & Investigation
  • Non-Conformance, Close Call & Incident Management
  • Pre-Work Hazard Assessment
  • Training & Competency Management
  • Online Access to Company Training Programs & Reference Document
  • Custom Quiz Building & Advanced Reporting
  • Meeting Content & Attendance Tracking
  • Observation and Verification Management
  • Custom Form Creation & Submission Routing
  • Project Management
  • Contractor Management
  • Advanced Reports & Statistics Throughout
  • DATS TV (Workplace Displays)

Are you using the DATS One App yet?

Anything Forms
Reports & Investigations
Pre-Work Hazard Assessments
Meetings & Events
Mobile Document Library

Offline data collection just makes so much sense and good tablets only cost ~$300.




What good would we be if we could not easily pull statistics?


This just in... DATS TV

Workplace Displays

We have secretly been building an easily customizable workplace display system. In fact, we're running five wall-mounted 50"+ TV's in our new DATS HQ. The curved Samsung 55" HDTV looks impossibly amazing by the way.

Hey, we need all of this stuff for "testing purposes" you know! ;)

Powerful & Fun

Customer Quotes

“DATS has changed the way we conduct our business, having as much impact as, say... email!”

Michael Morin, Wood Buffalo Helicopters

“You had me at let me show you DATS.”

Shahin Dewji, Gridiron Drilling & Blasting

“I must say DATS is the easiest and most comprehensive system that I have used.”

Jeremy Luterbach, Pason Systems

“DATS is vital to my profession. Without this wonderful tool at our disposal I would be lost in a mountain of paperwork.”

Integrate More of Your Management Systems

DATS is a uniquely powerful, yet simple, Integrated Management System.

We're not a supplier. We're your partner.

Suppliers sell you stuff or provide you with a targeted service. That's not us.

Companies using DATS are inviting us to the 'Senior Management Table'. We're providing the software platform, the support structure, and the ongoing mentoring systems for your key administrators – often across multiple management systems.

If you're not already part of the club, and think that we may be a good fit for your company, we invite you to download our pricing and consultative sales process document here. Perhaps soon we will be getting to know each other better?

Imbedded Systems for Complete Administrator Immersion & Success...

DOJO > DATS Insider

This module includes timely and insightful articles for all DATS Administrators. It's all about sharing stellar Kung Fu between DATS Customers regardless of their industry. We can always learn from others and nobody knows this better than us.

DOJO > DATS Igniter

Our existing customers drive future DATS developments and the DATS Igniter is where we work together to figure out what we should build next, and how. Every DATS Customer has perspective, and a vote. Come brainstorm with us!

DOJO > DATS Kung Fu for Admins

Every module in DATS has a Kung Fu profile. You can define your proficiency goals, track your progress, and receive active mentoring from a DATS Orange or Black Belt when the time arrives. It's all included. Let us help you achieve mastery.

Got Kung Fu?
DATS Orange and Black Belts are standing by to help you reach your goals!

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