Doing it better.

Why choose DATS?

DATS is a web-based Integrated Management System that will help you work faster, be more productive, and maintain compliance with a multitude of internal and third-party standards.

Where most similar software is overly complex, DATS is intuitive and easy-to-use. We can bring powerful simplicity to your management systems.

Easy to Manage

DATS set-up and training are intertwined. By the time we launch DATS to your employees, your Administrators will have already received the necessary training and hands-on experience to continue to use the system in the months and years to come. And, of course, our legendary Live Help is standing by to provide assistance.

Easy to Use

DATS is unparalleled when it comes to end-user ease-of-use. Many of our customers have employees who have never used computers. Within only minutes, these people can be logged in and completing their online training.

If a person uses email and knows how to use basic applications like Internet Explorer, then they are off to the races.


DATS is infinitely scalable. You can add divisions, departments, teams, training programs, jobs, people, contractors and more any time you want.

You can also choose to activate additional modules that you require, or turn off the modules that you don’t currently need.

Core Modules

We pack a lot under one hood, but most of our customers come to us to get started with a Learning Management System (LMS). Once that’s all set-up and humming along nicely, they tend to explore the other things that DATS could be doing for them.

  • Personnel Management
  • Task Management
  • Pre-Work Hazard Assessment
  • Inspections Management
  • Hazard Reporting & Investigation
  • Safety Observations Management
  • Meeting Attendance & Task Management
  • Close Call & Incident Investigation
  • Audit Results & Task Management
  • Project Management
  • E-Learning Library Access
  • Employee Communications Portal
  • Anything Reports
  • Contractor Orientation Management